Aspen Kowsky

Professional Illustrator

Hello and welcome!My name is Aspen Kowsky. I am a digital illustrator currently living in the Cincinnati area. I am a 24 year old graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a BFA in Drawing. As a professional artist I hope to find a career bringing people's stories to life with my drawings as well as publish some of my own work in the process. I want to keep growing and learning as an illustrator so I can positively affect the lives of others as much as possible with my work, to do so is my ultimate goal as an artist.

Contact me at:

[email protected]

2022 Portfolio Work

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Selection of Work for the MCRC Project

MCRC Website

January 2021 - Present

Selection of Illustration Work from "Little Lady Lilly"

August 2019 to September 2019

Development Work

Selection of Illustration Work from "1, 2, 3 What Will I Be?"

2019, discontinued project

Unfinished Illustrations and Development Work